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So, based on our previous article, we’ve learned that The Cloud is a collection of computers whose primary goal is to store things instead of having to store it on your computer’s hard drive. We’ve also learned how promising the future of The Cloud is and how more companies are investing their resources into the Cloud.

Now that we have this background knowledge, let’s walk through the 3 major…

The Cloud is one of those concepts I heard all the time and just could not wrap my head around. Every person has those concepts in technology that just seem incomprehensible and work like magic. For me, some of those majestic, black box topics included API’s, How The Frontend and Backend interacted, and of course The Cloud. The Cloud is not as scary as I made it seem though. To have a deeper understanding of The Cloud, it would help if we first looked into the term Virtualization. …

2020 has been an emotional year for many of us. What should we as software engineers take away from it? Here’s my answer:

The word ‘politics’ causes instant division, it causes instant “My side versus your side”, and instant hate. It always gives us a bad attitude. We get that feeling in our stomach of uneasiness, distrust, and that sense of not being comfortable. Politics isn’t inherently evil, but saying it’s all sunshine and rainbows is also not right either.

Government building.
Government building.
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I did not want to write this article because… 1) it’s such a hard topic to talk about and 2)…

The disease that paralyzes people from realizing their potential!

You decide that you want to learn how to play basketball. An epic challenge that has been on your mind for weeks. You despise getting beat by John every time you play basketball at the local gym on the weekends. It’s time to beat John once and for all.

You notice a class that teaches it every Tuesday for about an hour and fill out an application of, say, 50 applicants. For the sake of this example, the organizers put all 50 applications into a tryout and took the best 25 applicants (you were a part of the best 25).

We’ve all been there. Watching tutorial after tutorial. Watching motivational video after motivational video. Reading book after book, cover to cover. Reading documentation after documentation. Telling ourselves comforting messages like “After I watch this video, I’ll be okay.” But then you find yourself caught in a chain of watching videos. If you think you’re somewhere in the ballpark of these feelings and emotions, then that’s great! You’re exactly where you need to be to take action — not in the future, not in a couple days, but right now as you read these words! …

What I wish I knew 2 years ago.

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This article is intended for:

  • The HS senior majoring in Computer Science who wants to know what they’re getting themselves into…
  • The self-taught engineer/developer who wants to know what they’re teaching in college…
  • The experienced engineer/developer who is simply curious about what they are teaching the kids in CS courses nowadays.
  • And anyone who stumbled over this article. Welcome and read on…

My freshman year of college (2018) was the first introduction I had to anything related to Computer Science (CS). Prior, I had no idea what CS even was and what the job comprised. What I had was a…

Payton Dennis

Junior Computer Science Student @ Howard University — Follower of Christ, Believer in Growth, Lover of Software Engineering, Expert in basketball

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